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WP Blazer One Time Payment Review – Software For WordPress Automation, Management & Security Just Got BETTER!

WP Blazer One Time Payment Review – you have the most powerful yet simple to use cloud solutionthat takes care of everything for you – at your fingertips. And it’s all an absolute BREEZE to use take control of your WP sites and manage them all in one simple to use dashboard! You’ll Get All This In WPBlazer.

WP Blazer One Time Payment Review

WP Blazer One Time Payment Review

 “See it how amazing in action right now” .

1. WP Blazer One Time Payment Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Cindy Donovan
  • Product: WP Blazer One Time Payment 
  • Launch Date: 2018-Jan-04
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $9.97 ( Per Month ) – $67 – $27 ( Per Year)
  • Sale page : Click here
  • Nice : General
  • Bonus: YES. CHECK NOW

2. What is WP Blazer One Time Payment?

Original WP Blazer Features (all included in purchase)[+] One click bulk WordPress website updates

[+] Activate/deactivate/delete WordPress plugins/themes
[+] Easy to use central admin dashboard (SaaS Platform)
[+] Scheduled backups for your WordPress sites
[+] Instant, one click WordPress backups anytime
[+] Off-site remote backups inc. Amazon s3, FTP & Email
[+] Post new content on multiple blogs at once
[+] Approve/moderate comments for ALL blogs in one place
[+] Create new WP Blazer One Time Payment users instantly on multiple blogs
[+] Group your sites for easier management
[+] Bulk action tools (upgrade, install plugins/themes)

3. WP Blazer One Time Payment Review – About Author

WP Blazer One Time Payment Review

While receiving treatment for breast cancer, I created my first website… mostly for the distraction of it… Now, nine years later, I am not only (thankfully) cancer free, but through a series of exciting opportunities been able to start from complete zero knowledge, skill set and pretty much no cash… to create a successful online business – responsible for millions of dollars in digital sales, sharing over $600,000.00 in 2013 alone, directly to the thousands of affiliates that have chosen to partner with us.

I love creating new products, primarily based around the WordPress blogging platform and also lately cloud based software products (SaaS).

It’s my passion to help people who are starting out, to be equipped with the tools to help avoid some of the common pitfalls out there – and actually start making money online faster and easier in a safe and nurturing environment.

My software products are simple to use, helping small business owners, affiliate marketers, email marketing list builders and blog owners, to increase their earnings, build their list faster, generate larger affiliate pay checks and just enjoy the process a lot more, with our fun to use themes and plugins.

4. WP Blazer One Time Payment Review – What exactly does it do for you?

In fact, the day-to-day operations of a single site take so long if done manually, you would need to waste hours managing it instead of focusing on the things that matter – making it grow, bring more traffic and generate more sales.

Imagine – new lightweight piece of technology that instantly took care of all the technical aspects of your sites – and managed them on autopilot – regardless if you have 1 site or 100.

+ Manage all your sites in one place with a few clicks (posts, users, updates & more)

+ Keep them updated & add new plugins & themes with a click

+ Securely schedule backups that happen automatically and keep your websites safe

“So Amazing ! Many Testimonials Right Here, CHECK NOW!”

5. WP Blazer One Time Payment Review – Who Should Use It?

With WPBlazer – this is all GONE

  • NO NEED to waste hours logging in manually to each WP site to add, manage, edit or update things
  • NO NEED to pay someone to do it for you
  • NO NEED to pay monthly fees to an expensive solution that’s hard to use and doesn’t even backup your site 

You can put those things behind you and free up your creative energy and time – and relax, knowing that your blog is safe, protected, updated, backed up and more efficient than ever!

6. How Does It Work?

In WP Blazer Suite They Will Get ALL Of That AND These Extra Features too!

Existing customers have the option to upgrade/unlock these extras so you’ll still profit!

  • Easy SSL Setup & Management
  • Add Pixels On Multiple Blogs
  • Social Share Auto Posting
  • SEO Site Auditing
  • Clone Your WP Sites
  • Install From Your Clones
  • Up Time Monitoring
  • Malware Scanner
  • 1 Click WP Admin Login

7. Pros and Cons


+ Not only is WPBlazer the best software available hands down to enable you to save time dramatically while updating all your sites with one click, it’s also the most affordable and easy to use solution.

+ Plus it does your backups automatically which makes it virtually stand head and shoulders above anything else.

+ In fact it’s SO GOOD – it’s in a league of its own


+ If you are a blogger, you’ll know – it’s not all kittens and rainbows when it comes to keeping your blogs happy, safe and secure.

+ If you don’t have your blogs updated regularly, you are basically handing hackers keys to the frontdoor.

8. Conclusion

If you want to save time & money while handling your WP sites in a professional matter – then WP Blazer One Time Payment Review  is for you!

It’s the best alternative to wasting hours each day doing it yourself or hundreds each month paying someone to do it for you.

I’m sure you can see how we could easily charge hundreds of dollars for a revolutionary tool like this, but we want to offer you an attractive and affordable price that will finally help you take control of your WP sites in the best possible way – without wasting a ton of money!

9. Bonus


WP Blazer One Time Payment Review

Use Built-In Flash Graphic Creators to Create Custom Graphics & To Build Professional Sales Pages Instantly With Ease In WordPress


WP Blazer One Time Payment Review

Create easy customizable video popup,social popup,local pop for local business in a minute


WP Blazer One Time Payment Review

Unleash The Power Of Viral Traffic To Your Blog And Watch In Amazement How With One Single WP Hack You Can Drive Hordes Of Traffic – Quickly And Easily.


WP Blazer One Time Payment Review

Capture Your Readers Attention And Guide Them Into Your Sales Funnel By Making Use Of The Most Ignored And Overlooked Real Estate On Your Blog.

Bonus #5 : WP EZ Launcher

WP Blazer One Time Payment Review

If you are a niche marketer, affiliate marketer or online entreprenuer that have lots of wordpress websites to launch on, having a tool that will automate the launching process would be a huge help to save more time.

Bonus #6 : WP Login PRO

WP Blazer One Time Payment Review

WordPress is HOT and more and more designers and marketers are providing their offline clients or building membership websites with WordPress, but with more on the rise …This super simple to use wordpress plugin enables anyone to change their generic wordpress login pages to look like it’s built on an expensive professional CMS solution….even if you’re just trying out WordPress for the first time!

Bonus #7 : WP Email Countdown

WP Blazer One Time Payment Review

A Powerful And Crazy Profitable WordPress Plugin That Allows You To Inject Scarcity In Your Emails With Effective Countdown Timers That Will Make People Do Your Bidding And Generate RESULTS For You

Bonus #8 : WP iAsk

WP Blazer One Time Payment Review

Instantly Create Surveys That Will Give You Important Information About Your Visitors!

+ Effortlessly Create Insightful And Engaging Surveys, Gather Critical Data Such As Statistics And Answers From Your Visitors…All In One Place.

+ Brand New, Powerful WordPress Plugin Now Allows You To Get Insight As To What Your Visitors Are Thinking, So That You Can Make Better And More Informed Decisions…For MORE Profits.


Step 1 : Order ” Product ” through my site

Step 2 – After you complete the order , send [the receipt ID] in message to my email at : admin@kimmarkerterreview.com

Step 3 – I will deliver your bonuses within 12 hours.

WP Blazer One Time Payment Review

WP Blazer One Time Payment Review


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