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Video Spinn App Review jvzoo – This might be the easiest video creator ever?

Video Spinn App Review jvzoo – Imagine if you could spend 2 minutes, and create 100 high-quality videos with Images, text, and background music that could work for any type of video marketing you want.

Video Spinn App Review jvzoo

Video Spinn App Review jvzoo

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1. Video Spinn App Review jvzoo – Overview

  • Vendor: Anthony Aires
  • Product: Video Spinn App
  • Launch Date: 2018-Mar-26
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Prince : $38 – $39 
  • Sale page : Click here
  • Nice : Video
  • Bonus: YES. CHECK NOW
  • Refund : 30 Money Back Guarantee
  • Recommend : Highly recommend

2. Video Spinn App Review jvzoo – What is this Product?

+ Video Spinn App Review is a simple, yet full featured, desktop app (for both Windows and Mac) that lets you create hundreds — even thousands — of unique videos with just a few mouse clicks.

+Video Spinn can create randomized slideshow videos using folders of images and/or video clips. These are perfect for SEO, YouTube domination, offline client commercials, video personalization, affiliate marketing via video, video branding, keyword targeting, and more! We’re finding new uses every day.

+ It’s so simple… You give the app your folder of content, pick the number of images/clips to use in each video, min and max time for each image/clip to be shown, what transitions to use, what optional watermark to use… you can even designate an intro and/or outro video to tack onto each slideshow, plus a folder to pull random music tracks from.

+ Tell it how many videos to crank out, click the Spin button, and Video Spinn starts chugging out unique randomized videos.

3. Video Spinn App Review jvzoo – About Author

 Video Spinn App Review jvzoo

+ From the Desks of Anthony Aires and Pat Flanagan:

+ It’s a fact…

+ Video marketing is more important to the success of your business now than ever before.

+ Here’s why:

+ Cisco claims that 80% of the world’s internet traffic will come in the form of video by 2019.

+ The second largest Search Engine after Google is YouTube, with more than a billion users all over the globe.

+ Video content is shared 1200% more times than links and text posts combined.

+ We could go on-and-on sharing statistics showing you why you need to be using video in your marketing, but we’re not gonna do that.

+ We think you’re smart enough to see the writing on the wall… If you’re not using video as part of your overall strategy to get traffic and social shares, you should be!

4. Features & Benefits

+ Videos drive traffic and backlinks from authority sites like Weebly, Buzzfeed, LinkedIn, Storify, BusinessWire, Medium, Slideshare, Wix, Tumblr, Flipboard, Scribd…

+ Videos build important social signals for SEO purposes (it looks fishy to Google when you have lots of links to your site, but no social shares)

+ Videos keep visitors engaged on your website pages for longer (which lowers your bounce rate. . . and bounce rate is a Google ranking factor)

+ Videos help local business clients rank for their keywords, getting them more leads and foot traffic… Which means you stay on retainer with them for longer!

+ Videos get ranked both in Google AND YouTube (since YouTube is owned by Google, Google favors YouTube videos in their own search results)

+ Videos create memorable branding for your business so you can stand out from your competition…

+ Videos get you more sales for your eCommerce stores (according to Marketing Sherpa, website visitors are 64% more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video)

+ Videos help you rank long tail keywords … so you get higher organic search results, more leads and more sales… Which gets you found in the organic search results… which in turn means more leads and sales!

5. Who Should Use It?

* Have the ability to name the output video files after keywords, for maximum SEO benefit…

* Have the option to add intro and final slides for branding purposes…

* It works on both PC & Mac

* Add music files to the videos, which could be continuously looped, or randomly inserted into the videos…

* Incorporate transitions between video elements (such as fade in black; slide up from bottom; slide in from right/left)

* Add watermarks to the videos so they couldn’t be stolen by other less ethical marketers…

* Create up to 100 quality videos at a single pop!

* This can literally save you hours of production time – and they come out SEO ready.

6. How Does It Work?

* Video ads.

* SEO.

* YouTube videos.

* Offline video commercials.

+ Any type of video marketing that you do – you could literally have 100s of beautiful, high quality videos done in minutes?

+ You can do exactly that with Video Spinn.

Check out the demo here to see exactly how it works.

7. Pros and Cons


+ Bonus Training: How To Instantly Get On The First Page Of Google. You’ll get a full walk thru training of how to get on page one of Google. This way you can get the maximum profit from Video Spinn.

+ Developer Rights To Use Video Spinn To Create Videos For Your Clients. You can create as many videos as you want for yourself or your clients.

+ Your Choice Of $20 In Free Vector Graphics From VectorToons. These are awesome graphics that you can plugin to your videos immediately.


+ If you think this is where we stop piling on the value with Video Spinn, you’d be wrong…

+ Because we’re adding some extremely valuable bonuses to help you get the most out of Video Spinn…

Personal Experience

+ Video Spinn is a desktop based software, compatible with both PC and Mac.

+ Because Video Spinn is desktop based, you won’t need to pay any kind of recurring fees to set up and produce your videos. You also won’t face limits on how many videos you can create in a month – unlike with some of our competitor’s products.


Video Spinn is ideal for marketers get more social shares, more leads, and more sales, including:

+ Video marketers
+ Social network marketers
+ Webinar hosts
+ SEO providers
+ Local business owners
+ Product creators
+ eCom store owners
+ Kindle authors
+ List builders
+ Affiliate marketers
+ Podcasters
+ Udemy marketers

8. Conclusion

+ Here’s a complete walkthrough where I show how easy and quick it is to create unique videos for video marketing and SEO with Video Spinn App Review Jvzoo

+ Go here and lock in your copy for the lowest price possible.

Video Spinn App Review jvzoo

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