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PushPrime Review – 100% Honest Review From KimmarkerterReview

PushPrime Review

How to we get traffic leads and sales on demand

PushPrime Review

An online service that lets your buyers easily and quickly set up powerful push notifications that can grab more subscribers than opt-in squeeze pages and generate response levels equal to or better than email ever can. That’s where PushPrime Review comes in. Push notifications are proven to have higher open rates AND click rates than email. They’re perfect for anything you want to notify your people about IMMEDIATELY – just send a notification out and people see it in real-time, even if they aren’t looking at your website. They see your special sale or limited time coupon code NOW so they can take advantage NOW, rather than being too late when they finally get around to opening that email you sent.

PushPrime Review – Overview

Vendor:  Richard Madison
Product:  PushPrime
Launch Date:  2018-Oct-11
Launch Time:  11:00 EDT
Front-End Price:  $25
Recommend:  Highly Recommend
Home Page:  Click here
Refund:  30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What is PushPrime?

PushPrime is Your buyers are just like us, they want to engage people, get them on their list, and sell them more. The problem is, people are on so many email lists now, it can be a real chore to get them to sign up to another. Plus, many people don’t even read the emails that you send them, they just pile up in their inboxes. Just like your inbox and just like my inbox.

So, we all need a better notification channel, and that channel is push notification. Push notifications happen right in the browser, they’re easy to opt into, and they’re easy to take action on.

About the Author – Richard Madison

PushPrime Review

Richard is not only a great affiliate that can hit your top 10 but also a great person to connect with. If you’re looking for a great offer to promote, make sure you sign up for Richard and put his on the top of your list. He is one of a few people that will actually reciprocate hard for you. 

Of all the products I have promoted, Richard’s Lifetime.Hosting launch resulted in the best affiliate earnings. He is easy to reach out to and always helps with all my JV related questions. Also his product support team is top notch. PushPrime Review are his great products.

What are the Feature of PushPrime?

PushPrime Review

Drive Engagement

Push notifications: allow your users to receive important updates from your website/blog even if they are not currently on your website, this helps in bringing them back to your website and ultimately results in increased engagement.

Real Time Analytics

View how your users behave to your notifications in real time, our dashboard enables you to see how many users received the notifications and how many decided to click on them, you can use that data to further optimize your delivery.

Minimal Coding

Our smart sdk is super easy to integrate, after you signup you just have to copy/paste 5 lines of code from our dashboard into your home page and we’ll take care of the rest, you will be up and running in 5 minutes, it’s that easy!!!

Who Should Buy It?

If you run a blog, an ecommerce website, or sell any sort of products or services online, you need push notifications… You need PushPrime Review!

Push notifications have become widely accepted, thanks to phone apps using them extensively. PushPrime makes browser-based push notifications easy as pie. 

Push notifications from PushPrime work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, iOS and Android. It doesn’t matter if your website is HTML, WordPress, Joomla, or Magento, it’s all covered. Unlike javascript popups, these notifications are not effected by popup blockers or ad blockers.

My Experience In Using and How Does It Work?

I used this product as beta tester so you can trust anything I review today.

Now I’m going to take a tour to help you understand everything about it.

After you signup/login, you will be brought to our dashboard.

PushPrime Review

In order to use PushPrime on your website, you will have to first add your website in your dashboard. Adding your website is a very simple process, we collect few pieces of info from your and you are done. Click on the Register Website button in the middle of the screen or the New Website button in the top bar. It will bring up our new website dialog box.

PushPrime Review

Website Address: The address where your website is located at, please enter the address without http:// or https://. E.g. abc.com

Subdomain: If users access your website without https, they will have to go through a subdomain on PushPrime to register for notifications. You can choose a subdomain that reflects your business.

Https Access: If your website can be accessed through https, please select yes, otherwise select No, if you are unsure about it, you can click on “I don’t know” and it will automatically check that for you.

Clicking next will open general info dialog.

PushPrime Review

Icon: Icon is optional, but it is highly recommended that you upload an icon which reflects your business or brand. For best result use Square Images with size at least 192px x 192px.

Title: The name or title of your website.

Google Push API Key: By default PushPrime uses our default parameters for sending notification to Google Chrome, but it is recommended that you add your own. You can get yours for free form Google, please check this tutorial for a step by step guide. (This can also be done later by Going to Settings).

Apple Safari Configuration: Notification in Safari require notifications to be signed by a certificate. For that certificate you need an Apple Developer account which costs $99/year. Paid customers on PushPrime are entitled to receive a certificate free of cost from PushPrime. If you have an Apple developer account, you can follow this tutorial for generating your certificate.

Clicking next will bring you to consent dialog configurator.

PushPrime Review

Consent Dialog: Browsers are very stubborn when it comes to push notifications. Generally to prevent web admins from abusing the service. So they don’t allow us to customise the default permission window that opens. We have observed that opt-in rates significantly increase if you explain to user why you need to send them notification. This is when consent dialog comes into play. Before showing the default permission dialog, a modal dialog will appear in the webpage explaining to them why you need to send them notifications. Following image show how it will look (You can completely customise the colors and text from Styles after the initial setup is done)

PushPrime Review

Reminder Button: Reminder button is a small icon which appears in the bottom left or bottom right of your web page. Reminder Button is used to track the permission status of users. If they initially decline the permission request, they can use the Reminder Button to grant permissions. (Reminder Button is also customisable from Styles tab)

Clicking next will bring you to your embed code which you need to add into your webpage. You will have to add this into every page you want to enable PushPrime on (before closing </body> tag). If you are running a WordPress, Joomla or magento (our plugin is currently not in magento marketplace, please contact us to get an upload able copy ) website, you can use our dedicated plugins to add the code automatically.

PushPrime Review

If your website does not support HTTPS, this is all you need to do and you can stop here (click finish button and you are good to go). But if your website supports HTTPS please read further because it is highly recommended that you configure native opt-in for better subscriptions.

Native Opt-in for HTTPS Websites

If you clicked Yes for the HTTPS option in the first dialog. Instead of the dialog shown in above, you will be seeing the following dialog.

PushPrime Review

Click Configure Native Opt-in to open the native op-in configuration.

PushPrime Review

In addition to the embed code you added earlier, you will have to add one additional line of code in head element in your html document (if you are using our plugin for wordpress or magento, go to settings and enable native opt in tags option). After you click on the blue “Click Here” link, it will download a zip, these are our helper files that you need to upload in the root of your web server (generally public_html). After that click on verify button so that our server could verify that those files are publicly accessible. Once the verification is done a finish button will appear. You can click on it to finish the website setup wordpress joomla or magento

If you encounter any issue, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

My Opinion:

I appreciate this tool because re-targetting play important role in marketing online. It’s simple but effective. I highly recommend to use it 

PushPrime Demo

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • An online help desk is always open to answer your questions
  • Work on different niche markets
  • No technical skills needed to set up PushPrime Review
  • Highly realistic and actionable


Keep your computer in good working condition.

Price and Evaluation

PushPrime Review has 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs :

-Front-End (PushPrime – $21.95 – $24.95) (See Details)

-OTO 1 (Professional – $47) (See Details)

-OTO 2 (Agency Unlimited & White Label – $67) (See Details)

-OTO 3 (Reseller 20, 50, 500 – $67,97,&127) (See Details)


With the benefits that I know about PushPrime Review, if you are an affiliate marketer do not miss this opportunity. When you buy it on the day it launches, you will receive many wonderful gifts from the supplier 

I have warned you. Its price will double after the launch date. So make the wisest decision for yourself. Whether you decide to buy it or not. Wish you success with your decision. Thank you for reading my PushPrime Review. GOODBYE!

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