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PlayPix Review – Bonus and Exclusive Discount – Kimmarkerterreview


PlayPix Review – Introduction

There’s been a good number of video tools launched, but when we surveyed our list for the #1 tool subscribers thought would help them the most they wanted another video creation tool.

However, what was requested was not just any run of the mill video creator. They needed something drag and drop simple and newbie friendly, yet could allow the creator to dive deeper and customize every part of the video if needed.

We’re talking the ability to add and fully customize things like voiceovers, images, videos, text, animations, timings, and more in the cloud. All on an easy-to-read timeline editor that could produce studio quality videos local clients would take seriously and buy.

Obviously, this was not an easy task and we could have gone in a much simpler direction. But, after almost a year of hard work, development, and testing PlayPix Review was born.


Vendor: Ben Murray et al
Product: PlayPix
Launch Date: 2019-Feb-01
Launch Time: 10:00 EST
Front-End Price: $27-$47
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Home Page: Click here
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche: General


PlayPix Review

PlayPix is a groundbreaking drag-n-drop cloud video creation tool that lets anyone create studio-quality videos for any need in a matter of minutes with brand-new technology and no learning-curve needed. Not only is this a true innovative solution but will actually help your subscribers with one of the toughest problems they’re facing now, creating actual unique, professional-looking videos that will drive leads in the first place. Traffic will be used very efficiently by doing retargeting with naked links throughout the entire launch. checkers, and more.


Ben Murray has long been regarded as a successful affiliate marketer with tons of profitable products. In fact, his lifelong aim is to assist fellow marketers to generate traffic, the most important element in a business. That is the reason why the majority of his products are related to this point such as Video Traffic Software and Unique Video Software.

Particularly, his products intend to help users achieve a sustainable traffic source, thus allowing them to expand their business in the shortest time possible. Please look for more details about its functions in the following section of PlayPix Review.


A Few Features Include:

“Drag n Drop” Editor for Rich Video Customization

PlayPix Review

Quickly add text to any image or video, change size, fonts colors, add color overlays, and more for fast, precise video creation.

Advanced Ken-Burns Style Animator

PlayPix Review

Customize pan and zoom effects on any image you please down to the exact spot you want. Make your videos stand out from any other video creator on the market, even the big Commercial guys!

9 DFY Local Business Templates

PlayPix Review

Get 9 DFY templates to create videos from fast in the hottest local niches including Plumber, Dentist, Accountant, Auto Repair, ChildCare, Dentist, Divorce Attorney, Dog Training, Social Media Manager, SEO Manager, Real Estate Agent.

Multi-Track Video Timeline Editor

PlayPix Review

Layer images and full video tracks over audio voiceovers or background music for ultra-fast and efficient video building.

Upload Music, Voiceovers, Custom Video Clips, & More

PlayPix Review

Add your own voiceover tracks, audio, images, video clips, intros/outros, and more

Access to PlayPix Stock Photo and Video Libarys

PlayPix Review

Tap into our massive database of millions of pro-quality images and 1000s of videos in tons of different niches to build PlayPix videos from.


It is undeniable that videos are an indispensable part in any marketing campaign due to the Internet era. So, Internet marketers will find PlayPix useful for their businesses.

From my point of view, if you currently do not know where to start in the process of traffic generation, then PlayPix is an excellent choice. Since creating videos is a complicated and expensive mission, this application has the ability to help you cut down on the amount of manual work. However, it still comes up with high-converting videos.


Step 1 : Drag/drop Pro Images and Videos to the Timeline Editor

Search a gigantic library of pro-quality images or a big collection of video clips and drag them to the timeline editor to begin creating your video.

Step 2 : Layer Voiceovers, Bg Music, & Other Audio

Then, layer custom voiceovers you record in PlayPix or import into the app, background music, or other audio behind your image and video clips. You can change the timing of any image or video clip to sync everything perfectly.

Step 3 : Customize Text, Fonts, Animations, Timings, and More

Add text, overlays, pan/zoom effects, & far more to any image or video clip. PlayPix let’s you customize everything to make the video exactly how you want.

Step 4 : Preview, Render, and Share

Then, preview how your video will look right inside the app and once it’s right, hit render.



  • The interface is organized in a logical and newbie-friendly order
  • Users do not have to have relevant experience in Internet marketing
  • The online supporting section can support followers with any type of question


The one problem I see is if you put the URL that the video time is too long (for example 30mins, 40 mins), you have to wait quite long time to its process. But I think this is not big problem, for shorter video, it’s still so useful for you.


PlayPix has 1 Front-End and 4 OTOs:

-Front-End (PlayPix – $29) (See Details)

Clients can use this fully cloud-based, one of a kind video creation technology for themselves and for clients. Includes a big built-in stock image and video stock library to create customized videos.

-OTO 1 (PlayPix Diamond – $49) (See Details)

With the Diamond upgrade, users get 7 additional DFY campaigns in more hot niches, extended render time, extender duration of imported clips, the ability to store more products, plus amazing video bonuses and more

-OTO 2 (PlayPix Enterprise – $97) (See Details)

With this most advanced edition of PlayPix, users can make the most projects possible, get the Outsourcer License to integrate freelancers and team members into the app, get even more render time, plus access to the 100% commission PlayPix affiliate program.

-OTO 3 (PlayPix Client Getting Training – $27) (See Details)

A non-plr training course created by us that will show PlayPix buyers the fastest ways to actually get video clients and build an Agency business that succeeds longterm.

-OTO 4 (PlayPix Resource Special – $19) (See Details)

A massive collection of pro video resources to use in PlayPix, in other videos, or to sell to clients, too. Includes templates, stock videos, video graphics, and far more.


In my opinion, I strongly suggest that you claim a copy of this tool by purchasing PlayPix as soon as possible. It will be launched on February 01, 2019. Moreover, there are many price packages for this application, ranging from $27 to $47.

In a nutshell, you are not likely to regret having put your faith in PlayPix Review. Not only is Ben Murray an accredited product vendor, but the quality of this tool has been tested through several trials and beta testers. I strongly believe that it will bring out the best outcomes for your video marketing campaigns. Good luck!

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