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MyPostBuilder Review – Single Post from Different Authority Sites

MyPostBuilder Review – there are many problems that marketers and bloggers have to face today such as:

  • Lack of quality content
  • Content doesn’t go viral
  • Blog posts cannot earn an immediate ROI.
  • Waste too much time and energy to create content with images and video

I understand that, and I also spend much time to find out an effective tool that can do all the hard work for me. Luckily, I found it. In a short time of using, I have the great experience, so let’s move on my next parts to understand it from my sharing!

MyPostBuilder Review

MyPostBuilder Review

MyPostBuilder Review

MyPostBuilder Review – Overview

Vendor :  Kimberly de Vries et al
Product :
Release Date : 
 2018 – Jun – 19
Release Time :
 11:00 EDT
Front-End Price :
Official Website :
 Click here
Type of Product :
Bonus :
Support : 
 Effective Response
Recommend : 
 Highly Recommend
Guarantee:  30 days money back guarantee

MyPostBuilder Review – What Is It?

MyPostBuilder is the brand new SAAS App that allows us to take content sources straight from the web. It selects viral content and adds them to our posts with copy/paste simplicity. We can choose the paragraphs, videos, images, and photos from the best database. So, the post will be as great as we want.

About the Author – Kimberly de Vries et al

MyPostBuilder Review

Kimberly de Vries is one of the most successful online marketers. He also works as software creator with many six-figure product launches such as LetX Product, LetX, LetMail Box, and BleuPage Product. With this recent launch, he and his partners spent much time and energy to create and develop. With the experience they have, I trust it will be a good choice for all of us.

Unique Features

  • Everything in one dashboard
  • Find relevant articles based on your keywords and niche to select content from various sources
  • Search for viral content
  • Source your daily news that helps you get fresh content
  • Finding and matching relevant video footage for your posts
  • Find the images that suit your posts best from royalty-free platforms
  • Preview your content with one single click
  • Place each item strategically in your post
  • Monetize each post you create by selecting relevant Amazon products
  • Built-in article reference
  • Publish to multiple sites
  • Built-in spinner
  • Share your post on the social network

How Does It Work?

This tool is easy and simple to use. You do not need any technical skills or experience to work. With three simple steps, all the work is done automatically:

  • Step 1: Search and choose your viral content, and then you pick and choose the best one for your post
  • Step 2: Pretty up your post with viral media
  • Step 3: Publish to your blog and social media

This process does not take you much time. There is a demo video on the sale page for you to refer before buying, so you should spend time on it.

MyPostBuilder Review

Who Should Use It?

From all the features I mentioned above, can you see who are the targeted customers of this product? I suggest it for:

  • Online business
  • Digital Marketer
  • Affiliate marketer
  • eCom store owner
  • Real estate broker
  • Health specialist
  • Shop owners

As long as you need traffic to your site, you should use it.

Advantages and Disadvantages


There are many advantages you can get from this product. Firstly, it is the viral source. It brings you the best content sources for the post and ensures it will go viral. Secondly, I am sure you cannot find any other technology that can build posts fast and make a real impact on creating multiple posts easily.

Thanks to this software, you have the chance to get ranked quicker. Moreover, with all the hard work, you can do without any technical skills or experience. You can work on any devices and browsers because there is no installment or download


Since I used this tool, I have not gotten any troubles. However, I still notice you that you need to check your internet connection to guarantee the work run smoothly.

Price and Evaluation

MyPost Builder comes with many options with different features and price, so you can choose the best one depending on your needs and budget. The first choice is the Elite pack. Its price is $37 with all the features I mentioned above. The second pack is MyPost Builder Pro with $67. You get it with more advanced functions. If you need a training course, you can choose the Academy option at the same price. The last choice is the Agency package with $97. You can refer the details in each package from the sale page.

Don’t forget that if you buy this product today, you can become the member of MyPost Builder Exclusive Facebook Group. I think it is a rare chance for all of us. The 30-day money back guarantee is given to ensure that you are satisfied when you pay money. If you hesitate too long, the price will increase, so you will miss out the big deal.


In my opinion, MyPost Builder is incredible for anyone who wants to grow business and makes income faster. Your post will stand out, maximize clicks, engage, convert, and go viral without coding skills. I highly recommend it and suggest you consider it carefully. At the end of my MyPostBuilder Review, I want to say thank you for your reading. I hope that you find something useful to support you in decision making. I wish you to succeed and good luck!!

MyPostBuilder Review

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