Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Trial Membership Review – All the time you save by NOT writing, use to work on building your business and making money

The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Trial Membership Review – Inside The Internet Marketing Newsletter is the very latest Internet Marketing news, resources, proven techniques and profitable methods for marketing online in every single issue.

The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Trial Membership Review

Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Trial Membership Review

“See it how amazing in action right now” .

1. Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Trial Membership Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Nick James
  • Product: Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Trial Membership
  • Launch Date: 2018-Feb-25
  • Launch Time: 12:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: 29,99$ Just $1 Today For A 7 Day Trial
  • Sale page : Click here
  • Nice : PLR
  • Bonus: YES. CHECK NOW

2. What is Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Trial Membership?

+ The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Trial Membership newsletter contains content I originally wrote exclusively for my $40/month newsletter subscribers and website members of the a 6-figure a year site I have been publishing since 2004. It was never the original intention to release the licensing rights to this content. It’s that good.

+ Each month the newsletter is delivered in both raw Word Doc source files and also as a professionally designed 32+page glossy e-magazine format. Together with an extra supplement / pull out section. No other IM newsletter comes close to the size and quality of the Internet Marketing Newsletter.

3. Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Trial Membership Review – About Author

The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Trial Membership Review

It’s written by an IM professional and his in-house team, not ghostwriters. The Internet Marketing Newsletter is written, published and managed by me… My name is Nick James and I am a full time Internet Marketer originally from the United Kingdom which is where I started my first online direct marketing business back in 2001. I wouldn’t put anything in my newsletter that I wasn’t deeply proud of to share with my readers.

4. Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Trial Membership Review – What exactly does it do for you?

+ The PLR can be used in newsletter / magazine format via the included template – customers can simply change the title and add the authors name to rebrand. Excellent for list building.

+ The PLR can also be repurposed into blog posts, products, emails, articles, autoresponder sequences, videos, e-courses, podcasts and even radio shows etc. The ONLY limit is that it cannot be resold as PLR.

+ In return for your marketing efforts, we’ve put together an extremely high converting commission program that gives you the potential to earn immediately and then repeatedly each month through recurring commissions.

“So Amazing ! Many Testimonials Right Here, CHECK NOW!”

5. Who Should Use It?

+ They know practically nothing about real-world marketing, yet here they are creating PLR for Internet marketers

+ …is a rare chance to get PLR rights of a 32+ page Internet Marketing MEMBER’S ONLY newsletter that was NEVER EVER EVER meant
to be PLR.

+ It was written exclusively for a small insider’s group of marketers and not meant to be seen by

+ Yet here is the chance – the RARE chance – to grab your access to this monthly 32+page magazine package.

+ This is PLR so good, no one, and I mean NO ONE, will ever suspect it’s PLR.

6. How Does It Work?

+ These are real world strategies for online marketing that have been personally used by the author, tested, and proven to work. It’s backed by stats, data and personal experiences, not made up
by some clueless ghostwriter locked in a closet somewhere.

+ This stuff WORKS, and it will blow not only your mind but the minds of your readers and your customers as well.

+ Plus there’s IM news, free resources, brilliant (and profitable) ideas and more.

+ You can use the prime content to produce your own monthly newsletter or magazine template included) or to make products, write emails, make blogposts, create videos, do e-courses, webinars, whatever.

7. Pros and Cons


+ It’s written by a professional million dollar marketer and his team – not some ghostwriter out of touch with what works in the real IM world.

+ This is content to good, I promise you and your audience will learn more from EACH issue than you would if you bought several WSO’s.

+ And along with the monthly raw content you get a ready


+ Why waste your time writing IM content that may not work, when you can ‘hire’ a pro to create hot money-generating IM content for you, for just pennies?

8. Conclusion

+ Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Trial Membership Review – Would you like to know the REAL secret to business success?

+ It’s working ON your business instead of slaving away IN your business.

+ Stop wasting your time creating mediocre content and start making money today.

9. Bonus

Extra Mega Bonus $497 Value COMPLETELY FREE When You Join Today
As a special bonus, join today and you will also receive the most valuable extra bonus I have ever published.

The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Trial Membership Review

+ They say ‘Copy Is King and Content Is Queen’ when it comes to marketing online. I think you’ll agree we have the content part nailed already… However what about a little help publishing great copy?

+ The answer can be found within these pages as they contain copies of all my sales letters dating back to 2001. Together they helped me to bank a whopping $14,547,652.36 since I began my little online business.

+ In fact just ONE of the sales letters included gave me a 7% conversion rate to a cold mailing and went on to sell 4,600 copies of a product at $143.95 – You work out the math on that!

+ Including Copywriter Notes: Plus hand written on each page are my personal copywriting notes as to “why” I wrote the copy the way I did and “what” the sentence was trying to achieve.

+ This is really powerful stuff.

+ The Unfair Advantage Swipe Files sell on another website for $497 . But right now you can get them COMPLETELY FREE when you take out a $1 trial membership to the Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR service TODAY.

+ You will get the written permission to re-publish, re-purpose and re-use the sales copy inside the Swipe Files for ANY of your own projects.  However you cannot pass these rights along to anyone else. They are just for your use.

+ One final point I should make about these sales letters… When I started marketing, I used direct mail.

+ EVERY WORD had to count.  I trusted these letters to return some serious investment in printing and mailing the traditional way. They worked. They worked then and they will work today. They are worth their weight in GOLD and printed out they weigh nearly 9lbs.

+ I reserve the right to remove this Mega Bonus at any time



The Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Trial Membership Review

Internet Marketing Newsletter PLR Trial Membership Review


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