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Step 1 : Order ” Product ” through my site

Step 2 – After you complete the order , send [the receipt ID] in message to my email at : admin@kimmarkerterreview.com

Step 3 – I will deliver your bonuses within 24 hours.


BONUS #1 :  Affiliate Spiner Pro 

+ My exact blueprint that allows me to siphon a whopping $30,000 each month just with affiliate marketing alone.

+ I will not only show you how to uncover the best, highest paying products in affiliate marketing but you’ll uncover some of the most powerful time-saving strategies ever revealed so that you can jumpstart your affiliate marketing career while shortcutting the entire process.

BONUS #2 : Amazon Kindle Profits

Your step-by-step guide to creating a Kindle empire that generates you residual Amazon profits.

In this guide you will discover:

+ 6 easy to follow steps on how you can effortlessly make money on Amazon

+ An easy method to find the Amazon niches that are absolute gold mines.

+ How to weed out all the tire kickers and only build a list of high quality buyers.

+ How to get worldwide customers to maximise your profits.

+ How to outsource your work for peanuts and let those peanuts work for you.

BONUS #3 : CPA Apex

+ Speed up your earnings to $1000+ per day, even if you are brand new to CPA marketing.

+ You will be the middle man between CPA traffic buyers and sellers, siphoning waves of traffic from hugely popular websites and using their hard-earned visitors to rake in heaps of money.

+ You will be getting a percentage of that money, and when you’re dealing with massively popular, bandwidth-exploding sites, you know that even a small percentage ends up being a huge amount of cash.

BONUS #4 : CPA Click Profits

Simple CPA method that can regenerate $3,504 in CPA commissions in just 1 week.

You will learn:

+ The most powerful and innovative traffic source.
Optimal campaign set up for maximum CPA conversions.
Powerful short and simple copy strategy.

+ Dead simple 30 second tracking set up.

+ Red hot niches of easy conversions.

BONUS #5 : Free Traffic Jackpots

9 top secret traffic sources that will allow you to tap into over 100 million unique visitors each month.

You will learn:

+ How to put into action what are considered the Best traffic generation methods on the internet.

+ How to hit the jackpot by using my secret traffic recipe.

+ How to save time, money, and frustration by only focusing on the important steps I have personally tested to bring the best results.

+ How the local business owners and offline marketers can drive quality traffic to their websites.

+ Discover how to generate loads of leads in CPA marketing.

BONUS #6 : The IM Goofball’s Guide To $51-$74 Per Hour

Discover the $51-$74 per hour plan that gets you paid before doing any lick of work…

+ By simply giving a massive market what it’s looking for every single day.The ‘skills’ required for IM aren’t at all complicated.

+ The most valuable thing you can offer is time savings.

+ You can set your own prices and make a full time income simply providing the services I will teach you, working part time hours.

BONUS #7 : YouTube Lead Sniper

Discover how to get fresh, highly responsive prospects that are readily convertible into sales at no cost.

You will learn:

+ How to dominate leaderboards while paying nothing for traffic.

+ How marketers are getting highly responsive subscribers added to their list on a daily basis for free.

+ The secret traffic source that brings highly targeted leads to your opt-in page.

+ The techniques behind automatically monetizing these new additions.

+ How to boost your opt-in rates by over 200% – overnight.

BONUS #8 : ClickBank Domination

Learn how we spend $5 and turn it into $94 in just 24 hours using Bing and Clickbank.

+ My exact blueprint of setting up highly profitable campaigns literally in minutes.

+ Copy my step by step proven and reliable method to generate thousands of keywords in minutes using my free secret resources.

+ Get instant access to my own personal bidding formula that drives me faster traffic and results.

BONUS #9 : Mobile CPA Dominator

+ Who else wants to make $1297 in 24 hours from mobile CPA traffic without any competition using this secret CPA formula.

+ The best strategies to skyrocket your income starting this week.

+ You will learn simple strategies to scale up by targeting specific phone owners.

BONUS #10 : Fiverr $297 Method

+ This Fiverr system generates $297 per day with 100% free buyer traffic in less than 30 minutes of work.

+ The method teaches you how to get paid to find leads on Fiverr and to suck cash out of customers in as little as 5 minutes.
This method is completely scalable.

BONUS #11 : Video News Jacker

How to leverage breaking or developing news stories with high ranking videos that drive people back to your offers that are highly related to the story.

+ Easy to implement. Even for beginners.

+ 30 minutes to ranking and traffic.

+ Tons of content to choose from for any niche.

+ Great for CPA offers, your own offers, or any other affiiiate product.

+ Requires no money.

+ Fast.

BONUS #12 : Product Launch Ultimatum

Discover how you can start making money online with my proven case study.

+ Exact step-by-step guide what I did with my first product launch.

+ How you can do it like I did.

+ Learn how to choose your product idea.

+ Learn how to create sales page that converts.

+ Learn how to get targeted traffic to your sales page.

+ How you can have outstanding success with your product launch.

+ Tipping Point That Will Change Your Whole Business.

BONUS #13 : Email Marketing Kickstart

How to sell more with email marketing.

40 step-by-step guide to making money with email.

1. Core principals of email marketing.

2. Setting yourself up to succeed with email marketing.

3. Identifying your subscriber.

4. How to find offers your subscribers want.

5. How to construct your offers effectively.

6. How to write an effective email that encourages your subscribers to buy.

7. Effective methods of adding value

8. How to scale your success into 6 figure business.

BONUS #14 : Visual Marketing on Twitter

+ This crazy simple tactic turns social media into a powerful, free traffic engine.

+ This report lists the exact methods and strategies I used to grow my following to several million people.

+ Effortless tactics to manage dozens of money-making Twitter accounts in less than 2 hours per day.

+ Advanced strategies used by super elite 1% of Twitter marketers to turn their Twitter followers into media powerhouses.

BONUS #15 : eCom Gods Academy

+ I am going to show you exactly how I’m making over $500 a day doing little to zero work with eCommerce.

+ You will be able to watch me profit with a brand new store l just created… And I’ll reveal every secret, from the very beginning to the end.

+ You’ll have your own profitable store today. Not months down the line.

BONUS #16 : Kingpin Entrepreneur

+ Business is growing 10 times faster than ever before and now I only have to be the brain behind the operation.

+ I break it all down for you, step by step how find the staff, train them, and scale out big all while working less and less.

+ I give you an inside look into the cash generating systems that are putting money in my pocket, this very moment, as you are reading this.

BONUS #17 : Rush Hour Traffic Keyword Research

Turn your website into a traffic magnet.
This newbie-friendly system will produce a list of high-converting, buying keywords in less than 2 hours.

You will learn:

+ How to dramatically increase organic traffic.

+ How to identify developing trends and tell what your customers will be looking for before they really even start looking.

+ A deep understating of what your market wants and need so you can create the demand.

+ How to attract customer traffic.

BONUS #18 : Traffic Authority

+ Learn how to cash in on YouTube authorities.

+ I’ve been utilizing the power of self-created authorities on YouTube, turning campaigns which cost pennies into thousands of dollars.

BONUS #19 : Video Profit System


+ 21 year old internet marketer shares insanely profitable system that brings home a full time income in seven easy steps. Using my system, you can siphon off a minute percentage of YouTube traffic, and turn it into cold hard cash.

+ You will earn a realistic income using this system, even if you have never made a dollar online before.

BONUS #20 : Instant Video Sales Letters

The secrets to writing blockbuster video sales letters that converts at an impressive 5-10% conversion rate.

You will learn:

+ How to easily come up with engaging stories that grab your readers by the eyeballs and compel them to read your entire video sales copy.

+ What you can add to your sales script that makes people feel foolish if they don’t order.

+ The 4 emotional triggers that make you more money than your competitor.

+ How to guarantee that every video sales letter you write is super profitable.

+ And much more