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Covert Context V2 Review – New Plugin Generates Amazon Commissions

Covert Context V2 Review

How to Best Way To Monetize Your Blogs

Covert Context V2 Review

Back in 2014 we launched our Covert Context plugin. The launch was a huge success and the plugin is still selling really well… More importantly thousands of our customers have used the plugin to make tons of hands free Amazon commissions (a lot of them even made their first commissions using our plugin!)

But before I get to all the new features, and why this relaunch will net you a ton of commissions… I would like to take a few minutes to show you what Covert Context Review is all about and why it converts as well as it does (just in case you did not see the original launch).

Covert Context V2 Review – Overview

Vendor:  IM Wealth Builders
Product:  Covert Context V2
Launch Date:  2018-Nov-08
Launch Time:  11:00 EST
Front-End Price:  $27
Recommend:  Highly Recommend
Home Page:  http://covertcontext.com/
Refund:  30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Niche:  Software

What is it?

Covert Context V2 is a WordPress plugin that automatically generates contextual, in-text Amazon ads on any blog and rakes in Amazon affiliate commissions on complete auto pilot. The ads open up when you hover over the highlighted text. The next section in my Covert Context V2 Review will help you get the most accurate information on this product.

The Author – IM Wealth Builders

Covert Context V2 Review

IM Wealth Builders (The Internet Marketing Wealth Builders) is a company owned and operated by Soren Jordansen & John Merrick. This 2.0 version is also the result of a lot of feedback and requests from our members, the new features include a lot more option for customising the look of your ads (including background colour, font colour and more).

Covert Context V2 Review – Feature Details

Covert Context V2 Review

Here are just a few of the exciting features on Covert Context.

  • Super easy “set & forget” configuration
  • Works with all Amazon regions
  • Select exactly which keywords you want to use for ads (the plugin randomly picks from your list)
  • Assign groups of keywords to specific Amazon categories (create unlimited campaigns like this)
  • The plugin is self-optimizing and will gradually start using the best converting keywords more.

How Does It Work?

3 keys to effectively monetizing any blog.

  • Use contextual ads that are always relevant to your content
  • Show the ads in-text in your content in a way people will click
  • Use a trusted associate program like Amazon to increase sales and avoid hassle

Who Should You It?

Amazon is arguably the most trusted e-commerce site in the world. Most of us have ordered something from them at least once – and even if you haven’t you still know them and likely trust them too.

By advertising Amazon products in your contextual ads you will not only increase your click throughs and sales, but also gain credibility for you blog through brand association with Amazon.

Amazon is HUGE and has products in every niche, for every keyword you can think of. That means you don’t have join scores of half dead associate programs in order to create relevant ads for different niches.

And you don’t have to worry about your links either. Amazon is big, reliable and isn’t going anywhere – your links will always work, which is paramount for a true set and forget contextual ad system.

All you have to do in order to get started using contextual ads is to intall the plugin and set up a campaign. Setting up the campaign is very easy too – simply enter a list of keywords and select where you want ads for those keywords to appear

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Require no prior experience
  • Simple yet professional appearance
  • Automatic system
  • Many types of content supported
  • Compatible with many in-demand niches
  • Have a 100% refund policy.
  • Friendly newbies


So far, there is none

Price and Evaluation

I have some extra good news to inform you! Guess what? It will only take you $27 to bring home a copy of Covert Context V2! Can you believe it? We are talking about an incredible that lets you create all sort of attention-grabbing content within minutes, and yet, the producer decided to charge you only $27 for it. Seriously, I do not think you can find any similar software at the same price as this!

Covert Context V2 Review – Conclusion

I like this product since it is capable of generating massive traffic with not so much efforts. This is indeed an essential tool for anyone that wants to start their first experience with eCommerce. Thank you for reading my Covert Context V2 Review. I hope you had a good time here and stay tuned for my next articles.

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