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CinchTweet Review – The Artificial Intelligence Powered Twitter Marketing Review

CinchTweet Review – Are you looking for an artificial intelligence powered twitter marketing? If yes, this review may be the best place for you to know more about a new software called . Read my honest CinchTweet software review to learn what the software includes and all benefits you can reap from using it:


CinchTweet Review

CinchTweet Review

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1. CinchTweet Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Cindy Donovan et al
  • Product: Cinch Tweet
  • Launch Date: 2017-Dec-05
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $67

+ Your Twitter account is all about ways on how to build your audience & connecting in an authentic way. And CinchTweet can be used as a Twitter marketer that does not look like an automated robot.

+ Instead, this new Twitter marketing software can make a further step towards personalized automation.

2. What is CinchTweet?

This new money making machine will be launched in November 2017 and it is called CinchTweet. It is created with the aim of changing the social media marketing on Twitter. CinchTweet works like a human brain and this new software can help you by:

  • Smart Suggestions For Personalized Follow
  • Location Based Tweets
  • Offering Custom Search Dates and Building Fresher Audiences
  • Negative/Positive Language Detection
  • Making “Call to Action” Tweets
  • Detecting Images/ Videos
  • Sending Personalized Messages
  • Relationship Building

3. CinchTweet Review – About Author

This new marketing software will be brought to you by Cindy Donovan & Shane Brooks. In mу review tоԁау, І want to іntrоԁuсе Cindy Donovan who is a well-known online marketer. With more than 20 years оf working as а software developer, Cindy Donovan has buzzed the market wіtһ her inventions ѕuсһ as WP Blazer, Rank Ніјасk, Ultіmаtе Banner Plugin, ChromeEngage and Commission Sumo.

4. CinchTweet Review – Main Function

CinchTweet includes a variety of key features:

  • Location- based following: CinchTweet can follow accounts that are relevant to your account and local area. Therefore, it can help with your local business by driving more customers to your account.
  • Follow limits: With this software, you can select the minimum and maximum range of followers. You can select and re-follow a Twitter account that has at least 1000 followers. This feature makes sure that you are following relevant accounts.
  • Un-follow: It can un-follow Twitter accounts that do not follow you back. This feature helps you keep a balance between the numbers of followers and following.
  • Personalized re-tweeting and following: CinchTweet helps you follow the specific followers and this software can retweet from them.
  • User suggestion: CinchTweet will recommend some user suggestions for you. These accounts are what you should follow to increase your engagement.
  • Custom date filter: You just need to select your desired dates and then this software will only re-tweet tweets from your desired custom dates.
  • Explore accounts: It will analyze Twitter accounts that are relevant to your niche, and then it will filter out the Twitter accounts with the most followers. Then, it will follow these accounts on 100% auto-pilot.
  • Negative and positive tweets filter: You just need to apply the filter and this software will just like and re-tweet tweets that are negative or positive. It will analyze the tweet’s content and just like and re-tweet your selected filter.
  • Mentions filters: You select your desired mentions and this software will only like and re-tweet tweets that include your selected mentions
  • Video, images and vine filter: Apply this feature and CinchTweet will only like and re-tweet tweets that include video, images or vine.
  • Blacklisting: If you are not interested in any specific account, this software also allows you to add accounts that you do not want to follow to a blacklist.
  • Activity tracking: It will track your all activities and show you the numbers of followers and the numbers of re-tweets and likes you have gained.
  • Comment posting: CinchTweet also posts tweets’ comments related to your niche. Also, you can define the content of these comments.
  • Control your activity speed
  • Save your privacy: No hacks and No third person involvement

5. How Does It Work?

+ CinchTweet developed its own software powered by AI ( Artificial Intelligence). CinchTweet offers some key benefits and works by enhancing engagement for Twitter accounts of your company, thus leading to sales and profits.

+ CinchTweet uses AI to re-tweet or follow accounts according to your niche. Therefore, you can re-tweet tweets by a particular user, follow particular followers and even un-follow Twitter accounts that do not follow you back.

CinchTweet Review




6. Who Should Use It?

This software is a new marketing software for all of the Twitter users, especially for social media marketers who would like to create controlled and targeted campaigns on Twitter. So, if you are looking for ways to take your marketing on Twitter to the next level, this software is surely one of the best options for you.

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7. Pros And Cons


  • Offer many useful and specific features
  • Offer 24/7 customers support
  • Offer a 14-day refund policy
  • Save your privacy


  • Higher price than some of the other marketing software: But, the early bird price will be discounted to $47.

8. Compare

CinchTweet does not ask users to authorize this software as some other software. Therefore, you do not need to worry about security problems. Besides, the company claims that this software will be different from other software available on the market. While these previous marketing software offer benefits but cause some problems with the users’ accounts such as irrelevant following and re-tweeting, CinchTweet will change this situation by allowing you to personalize your re-tweeting and following, hence creating targeted Twitter campaigns.

9. Conclusion

CinchTweet has already received many positive reviews from its users. Reading these feedbacks can help you decide whether or not to purchase this marketing software. Actually, this is an option that you should consider using.

10. Bonus

The company has got some contests during the launch of CinchTweet. The main contest will occur from 22nd November at 11 a.m to 26th November at 11.59 p.m.

  • 1st: $2000- 150 sales minimum
  • 2nd: $1000- 50 sales minimum
  • 3rd: $500

Speed contest will occur from 22nd November at 11 a.m to 23rd November at 11.59 p.m

  • 1st: $1000- sales in 36 hours
  • 2nd: $500- sales in 36 hours

There are tons of coupons during launch. So, make sure that you click the link closest to the time you will mail for the best results.

If you are looking for a marketing software investment on Twitter, CinchTweet Review can definitely be a great investment for you. Now, after reading this marketing software review, I believe that this software can offer you the profits as you desire. So, give it a try!



CinchTweet Review


CinchTweet Review


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